Projects & Jobs

  • Each Jenkins job becomes its own configuration within Continua CI.
  • Only free-style software projects are imported into Continua CI. Presently Maven and multi-configuration projects are not supported in Continua so any settings in these types of jobs will need to be imported manually.

Source Code Management

The following source code management types are imported into Continua CI:

  • GIt
  • Perforce
  • Mercurial
  • Subversion

CVS is not supported in Continua CI so any settings regarding CVS repositories will not be transferred over.

If your Jenkins install includes other source code management plugins then these repositories will not be transferred over to Continua.

As Jenkins and Continua CI are completely different software packages, some of the information present in Jenkins is not compatible with the Continua CI environment. Once the import has completed, it is highly recommended that you read the Import report that is generated after the import has completed. This report outlines additional configuration that is required to correctly connect Continua CI to your source repositories.

Build Triggers

All Jenkins build triggers are converted to triggers on the imported configuration. Different triggers will be created depending on the jenkins trigger type. The following describes how each trigger is handled.

Build after other projects are built

These settings are not currently imported into Continua CI. Linking builds in Continua can be achieved by adding a Build Completed trigger onto the required configuration. See Build Completed Trigger section for more information. 

Build Periodically

Jenkins uses a cron-like format to specify times when a build should be executed. This formatting cannot be imported into Continua so a daily trigger is created on the imported configuration. It is recommended that you edit this trigger to execute at the given times specified in  Jenkins.

Poll SCM

Jenkins uses a cron-like format to specify times when a SCM is polled for changes. The Jenkins import creates a repository trigger if you are polling your scm, which will constantly check for any changes in your source repositories. 

Build Steps

The following build actions will be imported into Continua:

  • Execute Windows Batch Command: This creates a Run DOS Command / Batch File action on the current configuration which contains the script from Jenkins.
  • Invoke Ant: This creates an Ant action on the current configuration.
  • Visual Studio / MSBuild: This creates a MSBuild action on the current configuration.

Any other actions are not imported through this import app. Check Continua's List of actions to see other actions can be manually transferred into Continua. 

Post Build Actions

No post build actions are imported into Continua as they cannot be matched due to the different architectures of Continua CI and Jenkins.

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