This installation guide provides information regarding the installation of both the Continua CI Server and Agents.

Installing Continua CI

When downloading Continua CI, there are 2 installers that can be downloaded:

  • Continua CI Server Installer: This package includes both the Continua CI server installer and the Continua CI agent installer. If you download the server installer you do not need to download the agent installer as the agent installer is also included in this package.
  • Continua CI Agent Installer: This package only contains the Continua CI agent installer. Before you download and run this package, you must have a Continua CI server setup and configured correctly.

The Continua install process can be broken down into two separate processes:

Be default, once you have run the Continua CI Server Installer, the Agent Installer will then run automatically which will create a local Continua agent on the Continua server.

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