Best Practice for Automatically Deploying Your Website

Building and deploying your website can be one of the most painful and error prone steps in your build process. This tutorial will step you through the process of building your website and deploying it to your live, production server.

This tutorial endeavours to show you the best practice for deploying your website by automating every step of the deployment with Continua CI. By automating every stage of your deployment, you are mitigating potential risks, such as introducing errors into your web.config, incorrect connection strings, etc.

Getting Started

For this tutorial, you must have Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 installed and you must have MSBuild installed on one of your Continua Agents. This tutorial steps you through the whole deploy cycle starting at the very beginning by creating a test deploy web application. It is recommended that you run through this tutorial with a new web application to prevent any unforeseen consequences with your current build process.

This tutorial is broken up into the following steps:

Lets Begin

So lets begin this tutorial with Part 1: Create a Web Application.

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