Agents can be installed on machines on your network once the Continua CI server has been installed and configured. By default, the Continua CI server installer also runs the agent installer on the server's local machine.

Additional distributed agents can only be used with Continua CI if you have a licence for multiple concurrent builds. The free edition of Continua CI does not allow for distributed builds and it limits the Continua environment to 1 local agent. See the VSoft Store to purchase additional concurrent licences.

Step by Step Install Instructions

  1. The agent installer comes with the standard Continua CI server installer. The agent installer can be accessed through the Continua CI UI by navigating to the Agents page in the Administration section. Alternatively, the agent installer can be found on the Continua Download page. Download the agent installer and copy it over to that machine that will become an agent.
  2. While logged in as a user with Administrative rights, start the installer.
  3. If an earlier version of the Continua Agent is already installed, you will be provided with the options to keep or update your existing settings. If you keep your settings, the agent will be updated while all previously setup properties will remain the same.
  4. If you have not elected to keep your existing settings, the next page will allow you to configure which Windows user account that the Continua Agent service will run under. It is important to select a user that has full permissions to access both the Continua CI server data share folder (which was configured in the server installer), the Agent workspace folder. The user should also have permissions to run any desired build actions.
  5. The next step of the agent installer requires you to point this agent to your Continua CI server. By default the Server Port is 9000 and the Agent Port is 9002, however these values can be changed to match your environment. The Server Port should match the Port that was set when configuring your Continua CI server. The Server Port can be found in the CI Server Properties page under the Administration section. Set the Server Name to localhost if the agent is being installed local to the Continua Server. For more information, see the Networking and Security page.
  6. Select a folder on the Agent machine that should be used for the Agent Workspace. The agent workspace is only accessed by the current agent and it is used to store all build and repository information while a build is being executed on this machine. Note that this workspace should be on a drive that has plenty of disk space.
  7. Execute the installer.

Command Line Parameters

Agent installer understands the following command-line parameters:

  • /usage (optional) - shows usage information.
  • /silent (optional) - runs the setup in silent mode. Note that progress bars will still be displayed.
  • /verysilent (optional) - runs the setup in completely silent mode. No UI is displayed.
  • /log="filename" (optional) - creates a log file with the specified filename.
  • /dir="x:\dirname" (optional) - overrides the default installation directory name.
  • /serviceUser (required in silent modes for new installs) - the domain and user name of the service user e.g. domain\username.
  • /servicePassword (required in silent modes for new installs) - the password of the service user.
  • /serverHostName (optional) - the host name of the ContinuaCI service. Defaults to "localhost" if not provided.
  • /serverPort (optional) - the port of the ContinuaCI service. Defaults to 9000 if not provided.
  • /agentPort (optional) - a port for the agent being installed. Defaults to 9002 if not provided.
  • /workspacePath (optional) - the local path to the agent workspace folder. Defaults to "C:\CI_AWS" if not provided.


If you are still having issues connecting your agent to the server after the installation, then read through our Agent Troubleshooting page for more information.

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