What are Actions?

Actions are the cornerstone of Automise. Automise has built in actions to do things such as Copy Files, Move files, run programs etc. In addition, Automise has actions to interface with a number of third party products such as Embarcadero Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git and InstallShield Professional.

Action Lists

Automise has one initial Action List that you can add actions to. This Action List is called "Default". When you are creating your build, you will start off by adding actions to the "Default" Action List. See the target topic for more information.

Using Actions

To add an action to the Target, select an action from the Action Types frame (on the left hand side of the main window) by clicking on the action type you wish to add.  

After clicking on the action type, by default the properties dialog will be displayed:

All actions have a common set of properties, displayed on the Properties tab. The number of additional tabs in this dialog will depend on which action type you selected.

In addition to the properties window, you can also edit most of each action's properties in the Action Inspector tab.

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