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Notification templates allow you to control exactly what content is sent for each notification type. Each Publisher type has a set of template formats which can be edited provide content for each notification type.


Default template content is provided for each combination. When a template has been edited the format name is coloured blue.


The template content is shown in an editable text area under a tab for each template format. This uses DotLiquid markup syntax which allow you to specify variables using the {{variablename}} notation, control flow with {{for}} loops and {{if}} conditions and many others.


Below the editable text area, is a list of variables that are available to be used in the template. These are specific to the notification type, so build-related notification types, for example, will give you access to the build's version, status, associated changesets etc. Variables can be inserted into the template using curly brackets e.g. {{Configuration.Name}}

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