Variable Types

Each variable must be assigned a type which limits what time of information can be stored in a variable. Note that all variable types, except expression variables, can have their values changed during the build process.

Variables can be one of the following types:


Expression variables store an expression that will be evaluated every time the variable is used. For example, you could assign an expression variable the value '$Server.Now$' which will translate to the current server time every time it is called.


Text variables store any values as plain text. Regardless of the values that are entered into a text variable, the value will always be returned as a plain string.


Numeric variables can only contain numbers.

Date and Time

Date and time variables can only contain full date and time values. These values are always converted to UTC time when the value is saved.


Date variables can only contain date values. Note that these values are stored as is, and they are not converted to UTC time.


Time variables can only contain time values. Note that these values are stored as is, and they are not converted to UTC time.


Password variables store passwords that are hidden from the user at every opportunity within Continua. Note that password variables should only be used in password fields for actions so that their value can be masked correctly. If they are used in a standard text field, their value will be displayed in the build log.

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