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Before reading this page, it is highly recommended you read the repositories concept page and the Global Settings, Projects & Configurations page.

As explained on the Continua CI Repositories page, a repository in Continua is a reference to an external version control system. Since Continua allows you to create many projects and many Configurations within each project, the list of repositories could grow quite large. To reduce the potential amount of clutter and make repositories easier to manage and secure, we allow Repositories to have one of three scopes. They are Global, Project and Configuration.

Note: All Repositories created in Continua are created equally and work the same way regardless of their scope. The scope of a repository allows you to group repositories according to where they are used. For example, if you have a repository that will only ever be used by one configuration then it is a good idea to attach that repository to the configuration rather then attach it to the global level.

By correctly managing repository scopes you can apply security to your repositories. If you assign a repository to either a configuration or project then only those users that can edit those configurations or projects can modify those repositories. For example, lets say your development team is broken up into multiple teams that work on different projects and these projects have been split up in Continua so that each team can only access their project and its configurations. By assigning your repositories to the project or configuration scope, you are limiting repository access so that your development teams can only access their repositories.

Note that a repository can always be changed.

Repositories set to the Global Scope

Global Repositories are accessible anywhere in Continua and can be connected to any and every Configuration.

Repositories set to the Project Scope

Project repositories are only accessible by configurations in that project. Only users that have access to the project will be able to view/edit repositories with a project scope.

Repositories set to the Configuration Scope

Configuration repositories are only accessible by a single configuration. Only users that have access to the configuration will be able to view/edit repositories with a configuration scope.

Changing a Repository's Scope

At any point in time you can change the scope of a repository. By widening the scope of repository you are opening it up so that more configurations can access the repository. Conversely, narrowing the scope of a repository reduces the number of configurations that can access the repository. Therefore, when narrowing the scope of a repository (moving a global repository to the project or configuration scope, or a project repository to configuration scope) you must take care that configurations that use that repository can still access it after changing the scope.

Note: Continua will notify and stop the user from narrowing the scope of a repository if changing the scope will deny access to a configuration that is currently using that repository.

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