A friendly name for this action (will be displayed in the actions workflow area).


Determines if this action will be run within the relevant stage.

Existing File

The path and file name of the file you want to rename.

New Name

The new name of the file.

Overwrite existing files

Specify whether files should be overridden if they already exist.

Overwrite read-only files

Visible only if 'Overwrite existing files' is ticked. Tick to only overwrite read-only files.


Log each file renamed

Write the file name of each file copied to the Build Log.

Fail if the file cannot be renamed (e.g. source file does not exist)

The action is marked as failed if no files are renamed. This will cause the build to fail.

Ignore warnings

If this is ticked, any warnings logged will not mark the action with a warning status.

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