AssemblyInfo Updater

This action allows you to update one or more AssemblyInfo source files. Supported languages are C#, VB.NET, F#, J#, C++ and Delphi.NET.


A friendly name for this action (will be displayed in the actions workflow area).


Determines if this action will be run within the relevant stage.

AssemblyInfo Files

Enter the full path and file name to the assembly. Put each assembly file on a new line.

Properties To Update

Enter the property and value in the format AssemblyTitle:"MyApplication" or AssemblyTitle:MyApplication. Each property and value pair must be entered on a new line. Please enter quotes around values as required by each property - Continua will add any missing quotes when updating an existing property but not when inserting new properties.

All properties specified will be applied to all AssemblyInfo files specified in the AssemblyInfo Files field. You can use Ant Patterns to specify a list of files.

For a list of properties you can update, see Remember to strip off the "Attribute" word at the end of the class name.

The most commonly used properties are: AssemblyCompanyAssemblyProductAssemblyCopyrightAssemblyFileVersionAssemblyVersion (cannot contain spaces).

Update Only

Update the properties and don't add new ones.


Update properties found within comments

Tick to update properties found within comments.

Create Backup

The AssemblyInfo file will be copied to <filename>.bak

Log Each Updated Property

The updated properties will be put in the build log for later viewing.

Verbose logging

Tick to request verbose command line output.

Ignore warnings

If this is ticked, any warnings logged will not mark the action with a warning status.

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