If you have EurekaLog installed, you can set the "Use EurekaLog Compiler" option on the Compile Delphi action Project tab, in order to have the project built with EurekaLog.

In addition to doing this, two options must be set before you get full EurekaLog results:

  • "Activate EurekaLog" must be enabled on the project in the Delphi IDE. To do this, open the project in the IDE, go to Project -> EurekaLog Settings and verify that "Activate EurekaLog" is enabled. You will need to save and close the project before the changes take effect.
  • This will give you EurekaLog logging, however the EUREKALOG and EUREKALOG_Vx conditional defines will not be set in the project unless you enable the "Use Conditionals from Project File" option on the Directories tab.
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