The Type Library Exporter generates a type library that describes the types defined in a common language runtime assembly.

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TLB Export Options



The assembly to export a type library for. 

TypeLibrary Output File

The name of the type library file to generate. If not present the output file will use the same name as the assembly it was exported from. The extension will simply be altered to .tlb. 

Capitalization File

The text file which contains capitalization of names in the type library. The file has the format of one capitalized name per line.


Whether to log the type library exporters banner or not. This does contain version information which might be useful for debugging scripts at a later date. 

Don't display success messages

Whether to log success messages reported from the type library exporter. The action will still report as successful in the log if this is turned on. The success messages from the type library exporter will simply not occur. 

Framework Version

Use default framework version (vX.X) / Use vX.X

Allows the selection of the .NET version to use for the tool. The minimum is .NET v2.0.

Use 64-bit tools

This options specifies as whether to force the usage of 64-bit tools on a 64-bit system or not.  As FinalBuilder is currently a 32-bit application it will default to running the 32-bit version on a 64-bit system.  Check this option if you require the 64-bit version to be run.

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