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General Options

Save Project Before Running

If this option is selected, the currently open project will be saved before it is run. If the project has not yet been saved, or cannot be saved in its current location, a "Save As..." dialog will be opened.

Display Properties On New Action

If this option is selected, the Action Property pages dialog will open automatically whenever a new action is added to the project.

Auto Load Last Project

If this option is selected, the last loaded project will open automatically whenever FinalBuilder starts up. If it is not selected, a new (empty) project will be opened.

Show Full Project Path in Caption

If this option is set, the FinalBuilder IDE's window title will be the full path to the project file instead of just the file name.

Show Full Path in MRU

Similar to the previous option, if this option is set then the File -> Recent menu will show full project file paths instead of just file names.


This option allows you to set the Style of the IDE. Themes available are Visual Studio and RAD Studio.

Maximum most recent projects

You can choose the maximum number of projects to be shown under the File -> Recent menu.

Key Binding Style

With "Microsoft Style" key bindings, F5 runs the build, F9 toggles breakpoints, and F10 steps. With "Embarcadero Style" key bindings, F9 runs, F5 toggles breakpoints, F8 steps, and so forth. When changing this option, you must restart FinalBuilder for the change to take effect.

Default Project File Format

If "compressed", projects are saved in the compressed .fbz7.atz4 format. Otherwise they are saved in the uncompressed .fbp7.atp4 format by default.

Project File Encoding

Selects the encoding that FinalBuilder will use when saving the project file.

Send anonymous action usage statistics

See Automatic Action Usage Updates.

Action Types

Show Frequently Used Actions

If this option is selected, then the "Frequently Used" action type category will appear in the action types list. You can also set how many actions to show on this list.


Confirm Delete Action /  Target

Select whether you wish to see a confirmation dialog before deleting actions/Targets.

Prompt to Save on Close / New Project

Select whether you wish to see a "Save Project First?" confirmation dialog before closing an open project, or starting a new project. Disabling these options can easily result in loss of data.

Show Tip of the Day on Startup

Enable this option to see a "Tip of the day" on the Welcome Tab when you start FinalBuilder each day.

System Tray

FinalBuilder can show an icon in the system tray. You can choose whether to not show the system tray icon, or to only show it when FinalBuilder is minimized. Double-clicking on the system tray icon will restore the FinalBuilder IDE as the current focused application.

Minimize to System Tray

Causes FinalBuilder to be minimize to the system tray rather than the taskbar when minimized.

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