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The logging page provides options to customise the output from Robocopy. 

Logging Options

Verbose Output

Increase the verbosity of the log output, this will include the logging of skipped files.

Display full pathnames of files

Self explanatory.

Display source file timestamps

Self explanatory.

Report all files tagged as "Extra"

Enable reporting of extra files. Extra files are files which exist the destination directory but do not exist in the source directory.

Suppress output of Robocopy file classes

Disable reporting of Robocopy file classes. Robocopy file classes are Lonely, Tweaked, Same, Changed, Newer, Older, Extra and Mismatched.

Suppress output of file and directory sizes

Self explanatory.

Disable logging of directory names

Self explanatory.

Disable logging of file names

Self explanatory.

Disable logging of job header

Self explanatory.

Disable logging of job summary

Self explanatory.

Log To File

Provide a file path to log Robocopy output to a file as well as a the Automise log.

Append to log file

Append to the file specified rather than overwriting it each time the action is run.





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