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Generate images for use with a debugger

If this option is turned on debug information is included in the generated image. 

Generate images for use with profiler

If this options is turned on a profiler will be able to load the generated image. 

Minimise the native image dependencies that are generated

If this option is turned on the native image will be generated with a minimum of dependencies.  This is not recommended because non-native dependencies will cause the Just In Time compiler to be invoked, negating the benefits of Native Images.


Configure using executable assembly

The assembly configuration can be taken from an executable configuration.  This allows NGen to get a better idea as to what dependencies would be loaded by the assembly.

Configure using appbase directory

The directory to use as the application base when locating dependencies for the supplied assembly.


Queue for execution by the native image service

Rather than installing directly, the generation and installation can be queued for execution by the Native Image Service. There are three levels of priority lowest, normal, and highest.

Verbose execution

Includes the maximum amount of information while generating the native assembly. Useful for debugging issues with the action, does slow down generation however. Therefore we recommend turning this off during normal script runs.

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