Every action in Automise has an Execute Condition property:

The Execute Condition field  is evaluated before running the action. If the condition evaluates to True (or is empty) then the action will execute, otherwise the action will be skipped.

Automise Variables

Execute conditions are specified in a scripting language, so %'s are not used when referring to Automise variables. For example, if you have a FB variable "PerformMerge" then you can simply specify PerformMerge and not %PerformMerge%. In the example above, previous actions should have set the PerformMerge variable to either True or False.

Here is another example of how to use the Execute Condition property:

PerformMerge = BuildType == "Full";
PerformMerge = BuildType == "Full";
$FBVariables.SetVariables($FBVariables.GetVariable("BuildType") -eq "Full")
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