Project File

The path and file name of the FinalBuilder project file. It's highly recommended you put your project file in a repository and assign that repository to the Configuration. The reason for doing this is that the project file needs to be made available on the agent where the stage/action runs. 

Validate FinalBuilder project before running

Ticking this sends the -vp parameter to FinalBuilder to validate the project file before execution


List of project targets to run. Multiple targets can be seperated with semi-colons. Leave blank to run the default project target.

Log Export File

Path to a file to export the FinalBuilder log to. The format of the log file is determined by the file extension. Valid file extensions are .xml, .html and .txt.

Timeout (in seconds)

How long to wait for the FinalBuilder project to finish running before timing out. Leaving this blank (or zero) will default to 86400 seconds (24 hours)


The Using drop down is populated with any property collector whose namespace matches the pattern defined by the FinalBuilder Action. The pattern for this action is FinalBuilder\..*

If you create a property collector for this action, make sure you select the Path Finder PlugIn type and give it a name that will match the pattern above in blue. Example names listed here, search the table's Plugin column for "FinalBuilder".

For more in-depth explanations on property collectors see Property Collectors.

Alternatively, you can select the Custom option from the Using drop down list and specify a path in the resulting input field that will be displayed. Please read Why it's a good idea to use a property collector before using this option.


Automatically apply Continua CI variable values to matching FinalBuilder variables.

Tick this to auotmatically set any FinalBuilder variable to the value of any Continua CI build variables with the same name.


Enter a list of variables to pass to FinalBuilder. The input field takes variables in the format: name=value.

Some general values that you might want to pass in include:


Not that values set here will override any values that are set automatically.