The Continua CI installation includes the PostgreSQL database engine and this is used by default to store all the data required for the application.

Generally, this will run fine without needing any input. But all databases require maintenance from time to time and it is, of course, essential that you ensure that the database is regularly backed up.

The database can be accessed using PGAdmin4

The required connection details can be found in the server configuration file. This is normally found at %ProgramFiles%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config.

After opening the file, look under configuration -> hibernate-configuration -> session-factory  for this section:

<!-- Current -->
<property name="connection.driver_class">NHibernate.Driver.NpgsqlDriver</property>
<property name="dialect">NHibernate.Dialect.PostgreSQL82Dialect</property>
<property name="connection.connection_string">Server=;Port=9001;Database=ContinuaCI;User Id=postgres;Password=esf59EWF983242LJfsdf;MinPoolSize=10;MaxPoolSize=256</property>

The last line contains all the information you need to connect to the database.

Use the Browser area to navigate through the schema of the  ContinuaCI database. Use the Query Tool from the Tools menu to run SQL database queries.

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