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The version object Version is used by the version property of the Build object.  It provides access to each component the version string 


NameDescriptionTypeUsage Example
DefaultA reference object for decomposing a version string using the default versioning formatDotNet$Build.Version.Default
DotNetA reference object for decomposing a version string using the .Net versioning formatDotNet$Build.Version.DotNet
SemanticA reference object for decomposing a version string using the Semantic versioning formatSemantic$Build.Version.Semantic

DotNet Properties

NameDescriptionTypeUsage Example (given "")
BuildThe build component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Default.Build$3
MajorThe major component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Default.Major$1
MinorThe minor component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Default.Minor$2
RevisionThe revision component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Default.Revision$4

Semantic Properties

NameDescriptionTypeUsage Example (given "1.2.1287-beta+meta")
IsPrereleaseTrue if pre-release labels exist for the versionBoolean$Build.Version.Semantic.IsPrerelease$True
HasMetaDataTrue if metadata exists for the versionBoolean$Build.Version.Semantic.IsPrerelease$True
MajorThe major component of the version number. Integer$Build.Version.Semantic.Major$1
MetaDataThe metadata string after the plus at the end of the version numberString$Build.Version.Semantic.MetaData$"meta"
MinorThe minor component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Semantic.Minor$2
PatchThe patch component of the version numberInteger$Build.Version.Semantic.Revision$1287
ReleaseThe full pre-release label for the versionString$Build.Version.Semantic.Revision$"beta"

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