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[FinalBuilder Professional Edition only]

Processor Settings

This property dialog allows you to choose processor affinity and process priority settings. This option is only available for actions which run an external process. The dialog appears when you click the ellipsis (...) edit button on the Runtime property page.

Processor Affinity

This allows you to choose which processors a process is allowed to be scheduled on. This option is useful if your computer has more than one physical processor, and you wish to control which processors can execute which jobs.

"Default Processor Affinity" means that the child process will be run with the same processor affinity as FinalBuilder. Unless you are running FinalBuilder with a special processor affinity, this is the same as selecting all processors.

Some programs may set their own processor affinity when executing. FinalBuilder will not change the processor affinity of these programs.

Process Priority

This allows you to choose which Priority Class a process is run in. This allows you to set some processes to have higher priorities than other processes, and can be particularly useful when using Async Action Groups to run actions in parallel.

Some programs (for instance, programs designed to run in the background) may lower their own priority class when they are executing. FinalBuilder will not change the priority of these programs.

Setting "Above Normal" process priority may cause FinalBuilder to become unresponsive when running, depending on the specific program's resource needs. Use this option with care.
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