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To enable debugging on the server you will need to modify the Continua.Server.Service.exe.config file.  By default, this is located at C":\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server".

To enable debugging on an agent you will need to modify the Continua.Agent.Service.exe.config file. By default, this is located at "C:\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI Agent". Agent debugging can be useful for troubleshooting issues running actions as these are run by the Agent service. 

It can sometimes be useful to enable website debugging to troubleshoot issues such as website authentication. To do this you must first ensure that debugging is enabled on the server, then you will need to modify the Web.config file. By default, this is located in the folder "C:\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Web" .Website debug messages are sent to the server for logging according to the server configuration.


Note: It is highly recommended that you backup your config file before you modify its contents.

Open this the server or agent configuration file with notepad and find the <loggers> section under <continua-configuration>. you should see the following values:


The Continua Server and/or Agent service will need to be restarted once you have enabled or disabled UDP debugging.

To enable website debug logging, edit the Web.config file as follows:

Code Block
	<add key="Continua.Web.Debug" value="true" />