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The Display By drop down changes the way tests are the unit test data is viewed.

Test View

When Test view is selected you will see a list of tests with its name, fixture, namespace, assembly, result and duration. All columns are sortable but only name, fixture, namespace and assembly are taken into account when the search feature is used. If a test's name is clickable then the test has outputted some kind of error message. Clicking on the test will show you the error. Additionally, if a test has previously failed then the message will also contain a link to the build the test first failed in.

((( PIC test view))))Image Added





An alternate way of viewing unit test data is to show the test fixtures, namespaces or assemblies. These 3 are hierarchical so assembly will show just the assembly name, namespace will show assembly and namespace and fixture shows all three. These views have a duration column which is a sum of all the tests underneath it, but substitute the test view's result field for a "Total" field which is a count of the number of tests in themthe view type.


((( PIC fixture view ))