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Build variables belong to a specific build however they cannot be created manually. They are used to override any of the variables listed above. See Build variables can be updated at runtime - see the next section for more information on how build variables work. Build variables can be accessed with the %MyVariableName% syntax (Note that you cannot use the Build namespace prefix).


Variable values can be set in a number of ways within Continua CI. (Note that by setting a variables value you are actually creating a build variable with the same name and settings it's setting its value, as explained above):

  • Original Values: All Configuration, Project and Application variables can be given a value when creating the variable.
  • Set Configuration Build Variable values when manually queuing a build: All configuration build variables can have their values changed when you manually start a build. Note that the variable must have a prompt type before they can be overridden when manually queuing a build.
  • Set Build Variable values when automatically triggering a build: Variable Build variable values can be set by Triggers when they automatically queue a build.
  • Set Build Variable values during the build with the Set Variable Action: The Set Variable Action allows you to change a build variable's value during the build process.