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When a stage is run, its Workspace and Repository rules are automatically fired. These rules determine which files are transferred between the server and agent, and which files are transferred between the repository and agent respectively. For more information, view the Workspace Rules and Repository Rules pages.


Figure 1. Relationship between Configurations, Stages and Actions.


Continua CI comes with default stage gate conditions which can be summarized as "Continue to the next Stage if there were no Failed or Errored Unit Tests".


Figure 2. An Example Build Stages Pipeline


An action is a single step within a stage that usually performs a very simple task. These actions are the steps that actually perform your build process. Most actions in Continua CI act as a wrapper around an executable provided by the user. The built-in actions in Continua CI range from advanced actions like MSBuild, FinalBuilder and Ant to simple actions like copying or deleting a file. Actions can also be of the flow control type which dictate the execution flow of that particular stage. For a full list of actions see Actions.