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Windows Users vs Standard Login Users

WIthin Within Continua, there are two types of users:


If a user is not present in the Active Directory administration group mentioned above, they will need to be created as a Continua CI user before they can access Continua's environment. When creating a Windows user, the matching Ldap LDAP Username must be selected.


The fields displayed when creating a user will depend on the current authentication mode. In LDAP or Mixed mode, the 'LDAP Username' selection box is available which will allow you to link the user to an existing Windows user. If an Ldap username LDAP Username is selected, the Username and a Password fields are removed. If a standard user is being created, the LDAP Username MUST be left empty.

Standard User

To create a standard Continua CI user, enter a username and password,

then Then add the name, email and XMPP details.

and Finally, allocate the user to any Continua CI groups.

Window User   


To create a Windows user, type some letters in the user's name and select an LDAP Username from the dropdown.


The edit options are the same as the options provided when creating a user. The only difference being that the password field is locked. To change a users password, click the edit icon to the right of the password field (which unlocks the password) and specify the new password.