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So with our Move Project stage selected, we will need to add two actions, a Create Directory Action and a Copy Action. Basically we are copying the files over to a more accessible location, but by running the Create directory action first, we are guaranteeing that our directory exists. For this example I want to copy all my project files to C:\ContinuaTutorial on my Continua Server. So find the Create Directory action under the File Operations action category and set the Path to \\$Server.Hostname$\c$$\ContinuaTutorial, as shown below. When specifying file locations, always remember that this stage could run an on ANY Agent. If I pointed my Create Directory action to C:\ContinuaTutorial then this folder would be created on the Agent machine rather than the Continua Server. If this stage was run on the local agent then the folder would be created on the Continua server correctly, however this would be incorrect if a distributed agent was running this stage.