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FinalBuilder Automise IDE and FBCMD ATCMD uses the following Windows exit codes to indicate the outcome of the build :

Exit Code



The run completed Successfully


An Error occurred in the run. Check the log for the details.


Invalid project when auto running project (-r) with "exit when done" (-e.)

3Project file not found.
4Expected log file to be specified. Caused when redirecting the logfile to a file with the FinalBuilder Automise project file extension.
5Unable to create the log file. Occurs when the location to write the log file is unable to be written to.

Invalid project specified. The file extension of the project file is not what is expected.

7Project thread exception. A general uncaught error occurred in the project runner. Please report these errors to support.
8Run aborted. The project run was aborted on the console.
9Project load error. The project could not be loaded, usually due to merge errors on project files, or invalid project files.
10Initialisation error. A general uncaught error that occurs during run initialisation please report these to support.
11Validation errors in project. The validation failures will be reported into the console.
12Package loading errors. The packages failing to load will be reported into the console.
13Required package not found. The package not found will be reported into the console.
14Setting variable error. The variable that can not be set will be reported into the console.
15Unexpected internal error. An error that was not caught by the general handler, these should never occur. Please report these errors to support.

Parameter file missing from command line.

17Parameter file contains errors. The errors in the file will be reported into the console.
18Wrong edition in use. (Deprecated)
19Wrong edition for server. (Deprecated)
20License key violation. The installed key is not valid for the installed version of FinalBuilderAutomise, or does not exist.

Project info file is read only. The file is readonly. This file needs to be writable for the project to be run.

22Trail key has expired. A trail key has been detected, and has expired.
23Empty main target. The main target has no actions to be run.
24Software assurance has expired. The version of FinalBuilder Automise is newer than the license file allows for.
25No MSXML installed on the system. COM classes for DOMDocument60 or DOMDocument40 have not been found on the system. Required for XML based projects.


FinalBuilder was force terminated following a remote request from another FinalBuilder instance (started using the -of option.)


The user elected to force terminate FinalBuilder after the running project failed to terminate.