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Each build has its own workspace: a directory that is sync'd syncd between the Continua server and any agents the build runs on. A workspace is where you would generally put files that the build needs to work with - like source code and and the outputs of a build. Continua automatically puts files in the workspace but they're used internally and won't be of much use to the end user. By default, Continua puts the build's variables and the build's log in the workspace. Each stage of the build defines what gets put in the workspace using Workspace Rules and Repository Rules. By default, all repositories will have their contents copied to the Source directory and any files placed in the Output directory will be synced between stages. Using a copy of the repository means that we can run multiple builds of the same stage, at the same time, on the same agent without any conflicts. This is very useful if you set up feature branch builds.


What can I find in a Build's Workspace?


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How do I make use of files in the Workspace?


When designing your workflow and creating actions, you can always get the full path to your workspace by using the query syntax $Workspace$.