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These properties define how private messages are cleaned up. The defaults can be overridden on the Private Messages page for each user.

  • PrivateMessages.Cleanup.DefaultMaximumCount: The default maximum number of private messages. Any private messages over this maximum count will deleted (oldest first). Default: 500.

  • PrivateMessages.Cleanup.DefaultExpiryCount: The default number of days, weeks or months old private messages need to be before they are deleted. Default: 4.

  • PrivateMessages.Cleanup.DefaultExpiryUnits: The default unit used when specifying how old private messages need to be before they are deleted. Enter either Days, Weeks or Months. Default: Weeks. 

  • PrivateMessages.Cleanup.Enabled: Set to False to disable automatic clean up of private messages. Default: True.


  • Server.ProjectsView.Builds.PageSize: The number of rows to show per page on the Builds View of the Dashboard. Default: 12.

  • Server.ProjectsView.Details.PageSize: The number of rows to show per page on the Details View of the Dashboard. Default: 20.

  • Server.ProjectsView.List.PageSize: The number of rows to show per page on the Details List View of the Dashboard. Default: 20.

  • Server.ProjectsView.Menu.PageSize: The number of items to show per page on the Projects Menu. Default: 10.

  • Server.ProjectsView.ShowDisabledConfigurations: Whether to show disabled configurations of on the Dashboard views by default. This is overridden by the user when the Show Disabled button is clicked. Default: True.

  • Server.ProjectsView.Tiles.PageSize: The number of rows to show per page on the Tiles View of the Dashboard. Default: 60.


These properties don't fit into any of the above categories, but are not any less important.

  • Export.DefaultFormat: The format (Yaml, Json) to select by default when exporting configurations to a file: Default: Yaml.

  • ProcessRunner.MaxEnvironmentVariableLength: Environment variable values loaded from OS will be truncated to this maximum length when passed on to the process when running action command lines. Default: 32767 characters.

  • Server.Login.EnableRememberMe: Defines whether the "Remember me" checkbox is shown on the Login screen when using Forms authentication. Default: True. 

  • Server.Plink.Default: The location of Tortoise Plink for SSH connections: Default: C:\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\putty\TortoisePlink.exe.

  • Server.RepoMonitor.MaxCheckers: The maximum  number of repository checkers which can run concurrently. Default: 5.

  • Server.AllViews.ShowStageWarnings: Set this to true to colour completed stages with warnings orange throughout the UI. Default: false.