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All FinalBuilder actions have two default property pages - General and Runtime.

General Property Page

This property page contains general settings, such as the Action Description, Quick Help, and Comment.


Give the action a meaningful but short description. This will be displayed in the IDE and in the build log. Some actions will automatically update their default name with some contextual information (ie. Run Action List will append the name of the action list to run.)

Tip: Clearing an action's description will reset it to the default (automatic) description.

Text Color

The color given to the text of the action.  Changing the color of the text can help you make a particular action stand out.


A place to store notes to yourself or your team members about the action.  If the action has a comment, then an indicator icon will appear in the action list against the action.

Quick Help

If the action has a quick help file, then the quick help is displayed in this area.  You should refer to the help file for more detailed help for the action.