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After you have created your project, you may want to debug it.  FinalBuilder allows you to step one action at a time through your project, to use breakpoints to pause the run at particular points, and to live logging view of the log when debugging.

How to Add and Remove Breakpoints

  • Right click on an action and choose Breakpoint.
  • Press F5 (or F9, if using "Microsoft Style" key bindings)
  • Choose Breakpoint from the action menu.
  • Click in the gutter to the left of the action


Notice that the List Iterator action has a breakpoint. The run will pause when it reaches this List Iterator action.

How to step through your project

The following screen shot shows a paused project. To step through:

  • Click the toolbar icon; or
  • Press the F8 (or F10 with the Microsoft style bindings) key; or
  • Choose Step from the Run menu.

See Live Logging for more information on debugging projects at runtime.