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[4.1a] $Source.MyRepo$ > MyRepo
[4.1b] - $Source.MyRepo$\WebProject\** > MyRepo
[4.2a] $Source$ > Source
[4.2b] - $Source.MyRepo$ > Source\MyRepo
[4.3a] $Source$ > Source
[4.3b] - $Source.MyRepo$\WebProject\** > Source\MyRepo



[4.1a] and [4.1b] - These two rules execute together. The first rule instructs Continua to copy all contents of the MyRepo repository into the MyRepo directory in the agent's workspace. However, the exclude rules instructs Continua to ignore and not copy any files in MyRepo repository which live in the WebProject directory. For this and any other excludes to work, you must specify a destination directory and it must be the directory in which the include rule has put the files. In this particular example, that directory is simply the one specified in the include rule's destination pattern.