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General Options

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Each project has its own log file that is automatically created if it doesn't exist when the project is created or opened.  The Log File is a database which stores detailed information of previous builds and also a summary record of all past builds for the particular project.  It is important to decide how many detailed logs you want to store in the log file, as this makes a significant difference to the size of the log file on disk if you have a large project. There are three pages of logging options.


Show Hidden Actions: Displays "hidden" actions in the log if they execute in error. See Action logging properties for information on hidden actions.

Log History Options

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Export Log Options

These options control how logs are exported from the Export Log Action.

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  • Default Log Export Format: choose the format for exporting the log: text, xml or html
  • Templates: The template to use. Some templates are located in: <Install Directory>\Stylesheet
  • Options: The level of detail to include in the exported log.
  • Other XSLT Parameters: if you are using your own template stylesheet, then you can provide extra XSLT parameters to control the transformation.