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The total number of matching lines will be written to a variable.(*) Note: Using

* Using Multiple Monitors with Fail/Succeed

If there are multiple monitors which force the action to both fail and succeed, and both find matches in the action is output, then the monitors are applied in the order they are shown in the dialog box, ie if a "Succeed" monitor is triggered followed by a "Fail" monitor, the action will fail. The action log output will show the status of both monitors, in order.

The AfterAction script event has the opportunity to futher modify the action result.Note:

Monitors Are Applied Live

Monitoring is applied to the output immediately as it is received from the action, before the OnStatusMessage script event. However, results (like setting variables) are not applied until the action finishes running. If you use variable references in the search string, be aware that the variable values may change as the action runs.