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The filter breadcrumb is located to the right of the "Display By" drop down box. The Filter Breadcrumb is constructed as you start clicking links or selecting a view type. While viewing the unit test data you can click on a Fixture, Namespace and Assembly. If there's no previous filter, then clicking one of these will filter the current set of results by that type regardless of it's parent. For example, clicking on a Fixture named "WindowsTests" will filter the results and show tests that belong to the Fixture name "WindowsTests" regardless of which Namespace or Assembly they belong to. If you want to view test in the Fixture "WindowsTests" for a specific Assembly/Namespace then you first select the Assembly, then the Namespace, then finally the Fixture. Filters take into account the current view type, the current test result type selected in the test result header and whatever search text is entered in the search box. The following image is an example of a filter that can be best explain as "Show me all newly failed tests for the fixture ExpectExceptionTest under the namespace of NUnit.Core.Tests in the assembly nunit.core.tests.dll.


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