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Note: Unit tests are created at the end of each stage they were run in. Be sure to refresh the page once the build has completed to get an accurate representation of unit tests in the result header.


Navigating Unit Tests

Test Result Header

Each type of unit test result in the test result header is clickable and will filter the table below it to show only those types of tests. The result header will vary depending on the results of the tests. To keep things simple we've chosen to hide/show certain unit test results in the result header. Unit tests can have many different results so if there are no tests for a certain result we hide it (except for New Failures). Regardless of the test outcomes we always show New Failures as the default view. The complete list of test result headers are: Total, Passed, Fixed,  


Navigating Unit Tests

Failed, New Failures, Error, Inconclusive and Not Run.

"Display By"

The Display By drop down changes the way tests are viewed.