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Ticking this sends the -vp parameter to FinalBuilder to validate the project file before execution.


List of project targets to run. Multiple targets can be separated with semi-colons. Leave blank to run the default project target. [-targets:]

Log Export File

Path to a file to export the FinalBuilder log to. The format of the log file is determined by the file extension. Valid file extensions are .xml, .html and .txt. [-exportlog]


The Using drop down is populated with any property collector whose namespace matches the pattern defined by the FinalBuilder action. The pattern for this action is FinalBuilder\..*


Tick this to write all variables to an XML file which is read by FinalBuilder and then deleted. By default the values for variables marked as sensitive are masked with asterisks. If this option is ticked then all varaible variable values are stored as plain text.


Enter a list of variables to pass to FinalBuilder. [-variables:]

The input field takes variables in the format: name=value.  Some general values that you might want to pass in include: