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This section describes the Build Completed Trigger options. Visit the Triggers page for information regarding options such as 'Build Priority and 'Force Repository Check' , which are shared by all trigger types.


  • Latest: This will only link the latest changeset to the build.
  • All since last successful build: This will add all the changesets that have occurred in all repositories since the last successful build.




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Artifact File Patterns

Enter patterns to match files to copy the triggering build workspace. Prefix a pattern with - to exclude files from other patterns. Any expressions will be expanded in the context of the triggering build using the current values when the triggering build completes.

Destination Folder

A folder to copy the artifact files to. This is relative to the workspace of the triggered build. Leave this blank to copy the artifacts to the root of workspace folder. Any expressions expand in the context of the triggered build using the default values when the build is queued.

Only copy files registered with the triggering build as artifacts

Tick this option to limit the files copied to those which are registered as artifacts in the stages of the triggering build.

Preserve directory structure when copying artifacts

When this option is set, the original directory structure for each matching file in the triggering build workspace is replicated in the trigger build workspace.

Log copied artifact files

Tick this option to write details of each file copied to the build log


See the Triggers page for details on the Variables tab which is shared by all trigger types .


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Here you can enter expressions which must all evaluate to true before a build is started from this trigger. All expressions are evaluated in the context of the triggering build so $Build.Version$ refers to the version number of the build which initiated the trigger.