The FinalBuilder Package Manager allows you to choose which action packages are loaded at a given time.

A simpler alternative to the Package Manager is the Configuration Wizard.

At startup, only selected packages are loaded. Unchecking unwanted packages helps to tidy up the Action Types panel as well as accelerating FinalBuilder startup. Packages can also be removed entirely by clicking the Remove button.

Changes to packages only take effect after FinalBuilder has been restarted.

FinalBuilder action packages come in three kinds:

  • Internal FinalBuilder BPL packages.
  • Internal FinalBuilder custom action packages (such as the IIS 5 custom action package shown above.)
  • Custom FinalBuilder action packages created with ActionStudio or downloaded from the community downloads web page.
The FinalBuilder package manager will automatically add new custom action packages from the ActionDefs folder, although custom action packages can be added from any location.
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