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  1. Subversion

    image2018-12-19_10-28-24.png Repository URL Enter the URL of your Subversion repository root. The Repository URL can be in any of the formats listed here … to a repository using SSH, you will need to follow some additional steps outlined on the Subversion over SSH page. Externals There are 3 options to choose
    Continua CIDec 18, 2018
  2. Part 6: Automate your Builds

    Project Part 2: Create your First Configuration Part 3: Create your First Repository Part 4: Create your First Action Part 5: Using Builds In our previous … are built and when they are built. In Continua, there are several types of triggers: Repository Triggers: These triggers will begin a new build any time a source
    Continua CIDec 02, 2018
  3. Build Logs

    so if an action is failing and it is hard to determine why, then check if you can increase the action's log level. Repository Syncing Repository syncing will list every file that is pulled from your repository and sent to the agent workspace every time a stage is executed. This information can be extremely useful
    Continua CIDec 02, 2018
  4. Changes

     repository associated with the current build. The changes associated with the build are dependent on when the build was run and how it was started. The changesets … . Clicking the Repository name will list the files and the action on that file (Added, Modified, Deleted). Continua will attempt to link the user that made the checkin
    Continua CIDec 02, 2018
  5. Vault

    image2018-12-19_10-37-28.png Host The URL of the Vault server. Enable SSL Tick to enable SSL.  Repository Name The name of the Repository on the Vault server. Path The path of the directory within the repository you would like monitored. Write changeset details to file Tick to write changeset details
    Continua CIDec 18, 2018
  6. Mercurial

    image2018-12-19_10-23-39.png Source Path Enter the location of your mercurial repository. This is the value of the SOURCE parameter that gets passed to the clone command line option. For instructions on how to get Continua working with a SSH mercurial repository, see Mercurial over SSH. Examples: C:\my_hg_repo
    Continua CIDec 18, 2018
  7. System Server Properties

    of seconds to allow when copying a new repository to the agent (on initialisation of first build on an agent after repository creation or reset). Default: 3600 (1 hour). Server.RepoCache.CodePage: The code page to use when committing to the repository cache. Defaults to system code page
    Continua CIMar 19, 2017
  8. Build Workspace

    in the workspace. Each stage of the build defines what gets put in the workspace using Workspace Rules and Repository Rules. By default, all repositories will have their contents copied to the Source directory and any files placed in the Output directory will be synced between stages. Using a copy of the repository means that we
    Continua CIDec 02, 2018
  9. Issue Connectors

    Continua gets the latest changesets from your source repository, it automatically retrieves all commit/checkin messages associated with that changeset. If your source repository is linked to an issue connector then it will also try to parse the commit/checkin messages for issue Ids. It will then take those issue Ids from
    Continua CIDec 04, 2018
  10. Build Object

    $Build.HasFailedStages$ False HasNewChanges Is the current build associated with any new repository changesets which have not previously been built by another build … $Build.IssueIds$ "123,234" IsFeatureBranchBuild This expression is set to true when a build is triggered via a Repository Trigger on a non-default branch Boolean
    Continua CIJul 10, 2020