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Before reading this page, it is highly recommended you read the Time Trigger page.

The weekly trigger allows you to trigger a build at a certain time, on a certain day and at certain intervals.



The time of the day that the build should be triggered.

Note: This property is in 24 hour format.


The days of the week that this build should execute.

Note: You can select multiple days.


This property specifies how many weeks should go by before a build is executed. For example, if Frequency is set to 1 or 0 then this trigger will fire every week. However, if Frequency is set to 3 then this trigger will only fire builds every 3 weeks.

Week Starts On

Specifies whether a week starts on the Sunday or Monday.

Associate Changesets

Associate only the latest changeset from all repositories, or associate all changesets from all repositories that have been committed since the last successful build.

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