Before reading this page, it is highly recommended you read the Repositories page.

What are Repository User Mappings?

Repository user mappings are used to map the user names used in your Version Control Systems (VCS) to a Continua user account. This means that any VCS checkins/commits made by a user will also be linked to their Continua account.

Once a link has been created between a user and a VCS, users can check their own changes through the My Changes page.

Note that user mappings are not retroactive in that they will only affect future checkins. Checkins that have already been registered in Continua will not change.

There are two types of user mappings:

  • Default Mappings: These mappings are created automatically for every type of VCS and they try to map a Continua user's username to the user name used in your VCS. 
  • Custom Mappings: These mappings need to be created manually and they link to a specific repository.

View Your Mappings

A user's repository user mappings can be created and edited on the Repository User Mappings page which is located under the current users account.

Default Mappings

Default mappings are created automatically for every user and they link the current user to the various types of VCSs. Default mappings do not point to particular repositories but rather to all repositories of a particular type (i.e. Mercurial, Git, Subversion, etc).

By default, these mappings attempt to link the Continua user's account to VCSs with the Continua username. However, these can be changed so that they look for a different name in the VCS.

Default mappings cannot be deleted.

Editing Default Mappings

When editing a default mapping you can only change the Username property.

Custom Mappings

Repository user mappings can be created for a particular repository. Custom mappings work in the exact same way as the default mappings, however custom mappings are only linked to one specific repository.

Custom mappings can be deleted and modified.

Creating & Editing Mappings

Both default mappings and custom mappings can be edited on the Repository User Mappings page.

Note: Only custom mappings can be created.


This property specifies which repository this mapping refers to.

Note: This property is not shown for default mappings.


The VCS username that Continua will match against the current user. If this username is matched against a VCS username then those changesets and checkins will be linked to the current user.

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