The Octopus Deploy build event handler can be used to interact with an Octopus Deploy server to create, deploy and promote deployment project releases. 

Before creating an Octopus Deploy build event handler, ensure that you have set up an Action to upload your build package to the Octopus Deploy server's built-in package repository.

Octopus Deploy

Octopus Deploy URL

The is the URL to the Octopus Deploy REST API. Please ensure that you include the /api path


Your API key generated on the Octopus Deploy server

Project Name

The name of your Octopus Deploy project


You can choose to Create, Deploy and/or Promote releases. Ticking any of these options will cause additional tabs will appear allowing you to enter details specific to each action.


The name of channel for this release.



Specify one name & value pair per line. These project variables will be set on the Octopus Deploy server before each action is run.

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