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Most of the Continua CI configuration is stored in the database, so migration basically involves backing up the database and restoring it to new installation. You will also need to copy some server specific settings such as encryption keys from the server configuration file. 

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Continua CI on the existing server - to ensure all latest database migrations are installed. 

  2. Wait until Continua CI finishes starting up, check that it is running OK and then shutdown the existing Continua CI Server service.

  3. Backup the existing database to a file. See Backing up the Continua database.

  4. Copy your Continua CI share folder to the new server and set this up as share with the correct permissions.

  5. Install latest version of Continua CI on the new server - choose the share you set up at step 4 and create a new database.

  6. Wait until Continua CI finishes starting up, check that it is running OK and then shutdown the Continua CI Server service.

  7. Restore your database from the backup you created at step 3 to the new server - overwriting the newly installed ContinuaCI database. See restoring at Backing up the Continua database.

  8. Open the existing server service configuration file. By default, this is at '%ProgramFiles%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config'. Copy the 'Continua.HashSalt', 'Continua.SymmetricEncryptionKey', and 'Continua.SymmetricEncryptionVector' key values from the 'appsettings' section of the file to the new server service configuration file. Also copy any changes to the server 'endpoints' node under 'continua-configuration'. 

  9. If you have any remote agents, edit the agent configuration files. By default, these are at '%ProgramFiles%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI Agent\Continua.Agent.Service.exe.config'. Change the 'serverHostName' attribute of the 'endpoints' node under 'continua-configuration' to the host name (and port) of your new server.

  10. Ensure that you install any external tools used for your build process, such as repository clients on the server and build SDKs and command lines on any new agents.

  11. Startup the new Continua CI Server service and check that everything is working OK before decommissioning the old server.

  12. Ensure that you configure any real-time anti-virus protection to exclude the data share folder and the database data folder at 'C:\ProgramData\VSoft\ContinuaCI\PostgreSQLDB' on your new server.

  13. Remember to update the Server.HostUrl server property to the external address of your new server.

Possible issues

  • Any external paths hard-coded in action or repository settings may not exist on the new server.

  • If the new server is on a different domain and you are using LDAP authentication, you may need to recreate user accounts.

  • Ensure your firewall is set up to allow the agents to communicate with the new server.

  • If there are any errors when restoring the new database, try dropping and recreating the database first.  
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