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The Maven action in Continua is a wrapper around the mvn command line. If you're having trouble using the Maven action, please refer to the Command Line Reference or reference articles.

Apache Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects but can be used to build and manage projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala, and other languages.



A name for this action (this will appear within the stage action list).


An action which is not enabled is effectively skipped when executing the given stage.

Project Folder

The start or working directory to run the Maven command line in.

Phases and Goals

The build lifecycle phases and goals to run


The Using drop down is populated by any property collector properties whose namespace matches the pattern defined by the Maven action. The pattern for this action is ^Maven\..*. The default property collector searches the environment path for "mvn.cmd".

If you create a property collector for this action, make sure you select the Path Finder PlugIn type and give it a name that will match the pattern above in blue. Example names listed here, search the table's Plugin column for "Maven".

For more in-depth explanations on property collectors see Property Collectors.

Alternatively, you can select the Custom option from the Using drop down list and specify a path in the resulting input field that will be displayed. Please read Why it's a good idea to use a property collector before using this option.


Build Strategy ID

The id of the build strategy to use. [--builder]

Activate Profiles

A comma-delimited list of profile-ids of build profiles to activate. [--activate-profiles]


Comma-delimited list of specific reactor projects to build instead of all projects. A project can be specified by [groupId]:artifactId or by its relative path. [–projects]

Resume From

Specif a project name to resume a build from a particular project. [--resume-from]


Global Settings Path

An alternate path for the global setting file. [--global-settings]

Settings Path

An alternate path for the user setting file. [--settings]

Global Tool Chains Path

An alternate path for the global toolchains file. [--global-toolchains]

User Tool Chains Path

An alternate path for the user toolchains file. [--toolchains]

Logging and Failure

Log Level

Logging verbosity level (Quiet, Errors, Normal, Debug).

The Quiet option only prints a message to the output if there is an error or a problem. [--quiet]

The  Debug option will print an overwhelming amount of debugging log messages to the output and is useful if you are attempting to diagnose a difficult problem with a dependency or a classpath. [--debug]

Produce execution error messages

As described. Useful you need to diagnose an error in a Maven plugin. [--errors]

Never fail the build regardless of project result

As described. [--fail-never]

Only fail the build afterwards; allow all non-impacted builds to continue

As described. [--fail-at-end]

Stop at first failure in reactorized builds

As described. [--fail-fast]

System Properties

System Properties

Use this field to define the values of properties to be used in a Maven POM or Plugin. Specify each property as a name and value pair - one per line. [--define]


Use Maven 2 Legacy Local Repository behaviour. i.e. no use of _remote.repositories

As described. [--legacy-local-repository]

Do not recurse into sub-projects

Skip child projects. [--non-recursive]

Work offline

Build the project in offline mode using local files without connecting to remote repositories for updates. [--offline]


Choose "Update Snapshots" to force a check for update releases and snapshots on remote repositories. [--update-snapshots]

Choose "No Snapshot Updates" to suppress checking for update releases and snapshots on remote repositories. [--no-snapshot-updates]

Choose "Default" to default to the snapshot updating policy set in your environment.


Choose "Strict Checksums" to fail the build if the checksums do not match the when downloading artifacts from repositories. [--strict-checksums]

Choose "Lax Checksums" to cause a warning to be displayed if the checksums do not match the when downloading artifacts from repositories. [--lax-checksums]

Choose "No Checksums" to default to ignoring checksum mismatches.

Thread Count

Number of threads Maven should use for parallel builds. Specify the exact number of threads e.g. 4, or a core multiplier e.g. 2C or 1.5C for 2 threads per core or 1.5 threads per core. [--threads]

Timeout (in seconds)

Number of seconds Continua CI should wait before timing out the Maven action and aborting the command line.

Treat failure as warning

Tick to continue build on failure marking the action with a warning status.

Ignore warnings

If this is ticked, any warnings logged will not mark the action with a warning status.


Environment Variables

Multiple environment variables can be defined - one per line. These are set before the command line is run.

Log environment variables

If this is ticked, environment variable values are written to the build log. 

Generate system environment variables

Tick this checkbox to set up a list of new environment variables prefixed with 'ContinuaCI.' for all current system expression objects and variables.

Mask sensitive variable values in system environment variables

This checkbox is visible only if the 'Generate system environment variables' checkbox is ticked.

If this is ticked, the values of any variables marked as sensitive will be masked with **** when setting system environment variables. Clear this to expose the values.

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