This publisher allows Continua CI to send notifications to users or channels on the Mattermost messaging platform.


Server URL

The base URL of the Mattermost service. "/api/v4" will be appended to this URL when calling REST endpoints to send messages.

Personal Access Token

This personal access token associated with a user account or a bot to use as the notification sender. This must have "create_post" and "read_channel" permissions. To send notifications direct to users, it must also have the "create_direct_channel" (or "manage_system") permission. 

Enabled Subscription Types

Subscriptions can be set up to send notifications to a specific user, a group of users or a Mattermost channel. Tick the subscription types that are allowed for this publisher. 

Team Name

The name of the team containing channels this publisher can send the messages to. 

Default Channel

The default channel for this publisher to send the message to. Enter a channel name, e.g town-square, or a username (prefixed with @) to direct all messages to a Mattermost user. This can be overridden when creating a subscription.


Include attachments

Tick this to use the Attachments template format rather than the Markup template format when sending the message.

Maximum Requests per Second

Adjust this, as necessary, to match your Mattermost rate limiting settings. Leave as zero to automatically set the rate limit based on the response headers.

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