The features described on this page related to rooms, channels and conversations, and for notification publishers other than Private Message, Email and XMPP are available from version 1.9

Group and room subscriptions can be configured by administrations to send notification messages to group of users or, for some publishers, to a general area such as room or channel.

For example, you may want to create a subscription that notifies all Administrators via private message when something has been added to the Continua CI Event Log.


Creating and Editing Subscriptions

Subscription can be created or edited using the 'Create' and 'Edit' buttons on this page


A unique name to identify this subscription.


Toggle this to switch subscriptions on and off.


Choose a publisher to carry the messages from the list of configured Publishers.


The entity, e.g.  System Events, Project(s), Configuration(s), that the notification is about.

Send To

Some publishers allow sending you message to a room, channel or conversation as well as to groups of users. These options are displayed,  where the selected publisher allows sending to both. 


Shown for publishers which allow sending to groups and where Group is selected if Send To is selected. Select the group of users to receive notifications. You may which to create a new group for this purpose on the Groups administration page.

Note that users can also create their own subscriptions in their User Profile. User subscriptions for the same notification type will override Group subscriptions. 

Room / Channel / Conversation

Shown for publishers which allow sending to a general area such as room, channel or conversation.  Enter a name or id to identify the area relevant to each publisher type as listed below.

HipChat: Room name or room id

Slack: Channel name or a member id 

Stride: Conversation id or room name

XMPP: Room name

Note: Users cannot override Room, Channel or Conversation subscriptions. 

Notification Types

The types of events that you want to send notifications for.  The notification types available depend on the type of the Source that you select. You may select multiple types.

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