Calling ImportFBS.exe

Depend on your Continua CI configuration, you can either run importFBS.exe directly or through the cmd prompt. This import tool can be found in  <Continua install directory>/ContinuaCI/Server.

If Continua CI is setup to use either LDAP or Mixed authentication and the current Windows user is a Continua administrator then importFBS.exe can be called directly. By calling the import directly, default values will be used for the FinalBuilder Server project folder and the default password. If any of these values need to be explicitly specified then you will need to call the import through the cmd prompt with the appropriate parameters attached.

Parameter Format

All parameters must be specified following the call command for the import executable and are space delimited.

The format for the parameters need to be in the following layout:

<import.exe> /username=<username> /password=<password> etc.

Below is an example of how to call the import application correctly.

Username and Password

If Continua CI is configured to use forms authentication then a username and password are required to connect to Continua CI. These credentials should match a Continua administrator.

This is also the case when Continua CI is configured to use mixed authentication and you want to run the import as a standard login user.

If Continua CI is configured to use LDAP authentication then no username or password is required. The import tool will instead use the current Windows user to connect to Continua CI. Note that to run the import tool the current user must be a Continua administrator.

/username: This must match an administrator user that has already been created in the Continua CI environment. This can be the initial install user that is created when you setup Continua CI.

/password: The password that matches the user specified in /username.

Optional Parameters

/fbsprojectfolder: This parameter specifies the path where your final builder server data is saved.

  • By default, the Final Builder Server installer sets the project directory to  <Program Data>\Vsoft\FBServer7. (Note that the <ProgramData> folder differs depending on the version of windows. For Windows 7 users this folder is C:\ProgramData\). This directory will need to be set if you modified the install path when installing Final Builder Server.
  • No individual file needs to be specified, just the folder itself. 
  • When specifying the folder, do not use quotes.
  • The project folder should contain the files as shown in the folder image below. 

/defaultPassword: For security reasons, Continua CI is unable to import passwords from Final Builder Server to Continua CI. This means that a default password needs to be used as a placeholder for all password fields that are created in Continua CI.

  • If no /defaultPassword is provided then the default passwords will be set to Temp123
  • When specifying the default password, make sure it is a minimum 6 characters, contains at least 1 letter and at least 1 upper and lower case letter.

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