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A friendly name for this action (will be displayed in the actions workflow area).

Executable Path

The executable path is the path on the agent to the file you wish to execute.

Working Directory

The directory in which the file will be executed.


The arguments to pass to the executable.


Wait for completion

If this option is selected, more options will appear that lets you control the output on completion.

Log output

Logs the output of the executable

Check program exit code

If this option is selected, more options appear which will allow you to handle the exit code of the executable.

Exit Code Must Be

Select the comparison operator to be used on the exit code.

Exit Code

Exit code of the executable.

Generate a context XML file

Generate an XML file in the workspace containing all the current expression objects and variables.

Timeout (in seconds)

How long to wait for the action to finish running before timing out. Leaving this blank (or zero) will default to 86400 seconds (24 hours).

Environment Variables



Multiple environment variables can be defined - one per line. These are set before the Execute Program Action command line is run.

Log environment variables

If this is ticked, environment variable values are written to the build log. 

Generate system environment variables

Tick this checkbox to set up a list of new environment variables prefixed with 'ContinuaCI.' for all current system expression objects and variables.

Mask sensitive variable values in system environment variables

If this is ticked, the values of any variables marked as senstive will be masked with **** when setting system environment variables. Clear this to expose the values.


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