Cleanup settings specify when the Daily Cleanup Rules should run and which build results trigger an agent workspace cleanup. Cleanup settings can be defined once at the global level, once for each project at the project level and once for each configuration at the configuration level.

In the Settings area on each cleanup page, you can specify the hour to run the cleanup rules each day. We recommend that you chose a time when the server is not being used.

Additionally, the agent workspace folder can be set to be cleaned up when each build completes. You can optionally select one or more build results which will trigger the agent workspace folder cleanup. It can be a good idea to keep the agent workspace when a build fails or errors, as the files can be useful when identifying the cause.

Changes to settings will be applied immediately after clicking the Save button. 

Overriding Settings

The cleanup settings are defined once globally and can be overridden on either the project or configuration levels. 

Click on the Override toggle button to edit,

then Save to store the overridden settings

If settings are defined on a project, then every configuration that belongs in that project will automatically inherit the project's cleanup settings rather than the global settings. 

Inheriting Settings

To remove the overridden settings and inherit settings from the parent scope, click on the Inherit toggle button,

then the Save button to remove overrides.

Note that daily cleanup rules can be overridden separately to cleanup settings, so a given configuration may have its own daily cleanup rules but still use global settings.

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